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Important information about this list

The Stock Trading Pit and TrendSpider do NOT offer mentorship. However, we have compiled a list of TrendSpider partners who do for you to browse if you are looking for help to learn how to trade. We do our absolute best to vet the companies and people listed in this directory for quality and honesty. However, we want to be 100% clear about what this page is not. This is NOT us vouching for the services (such as mentorship, trading education, trading strategies, etc.) that partners listed on this page may offer. We have not reviewed any of that. We have not verified their trading performance. The ONLY thing being listed on this page means is that the provider has a relationship with TrendSpider and we believe them to be honest (but that is our opinion and we have no way to verify it) and that we have verified that they are proficient at using the TrendSpider platform. Please do your own research before subscribing to any trading education services from anyone, even if you find them in this directory.

Name Level Services Offered Style ASSETS


Certified Educator, Mentorship, Trade Room, Chart Content Provider Daytrading Stocks, Crypto

New Trader University

Certified Online Trading Courses Swing Stocks

Market Crumbs

Certified Chart Content Provider Swing / Position Trading Stocks, Crypto


Certified Educator Swing Stocks


Certified Educator, Trade Room Swing Stocks

Bullish Bears

Certified Educator, Mentorship, Trade Room Daytrading Stocks

Rob Smith

Premium Educator, Trade Room Swing / Daytrading Stocks

RX Trader

Certified Chart Content Provider Swing Stocks

GK Trades

Certified Chart Content Provider Swing Stocks

The Trader's Path

Certified Educator, Trade Room Daytrading Stocks